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With every reason Voronezh can be called as a city of contrasts. Along with monuments of cultural life of the townspeople, such as Voronezh chamber theatre, Voronezh Regional Art Museum named after I.N. Kramskoy, Durov's birthplace, Nikitin's birthplace, Puppet Show Theatre, you can see here modern monuments: the animated cartoon protagonist Kitten in Lizyukova street, the dog Bim that is a principal character of the story "White Bim with a Black Ear" written by Troyepolsky, as well as the 3-rd in Europe oceanarium, aqua park, ice arena, nature reserves, modern recreation parks, shopping center «Grad City», Olympic sports complex «Olympic» and many others.

Voronezh is a modern megacity with developed transport structure. In the city there are three railway stations (Voronezh I and Voronezh II Kursk, left-bank railway station Pridacha).

The highway "Don" goes across Voronezh. 4 km away from city there is the international airport "Voronezh". The right and left banks of the Voronezh water-storage basin are connected with three highway bridges (Chernavsky, Severny, Vogressovsky) and with a railway bridge.

Modern Voronezh is a large industrial, cultural and educational center with about one million townspeople.

You are welcome to visit the following places of interest:

General sightseeing tour

The excursion duration is 3 hours. You will take a closer look at Voronezh in the past, present and future. You can visit some valorous sacred places of Russians (Voronezh of Great Peter’s time). You can see the city “in soldier’s coat”, temples of Voronezh, monuments to writers and fellow-townsmen A.V. Koltsov, I.S. Nikitin, S.Y.Marshak and other well-known writers.


The excursion duration is 6 hours. Experienced guides and local history specialists acquaint you with architecture history of the Palace and its owners, Oldenburg princes and princesses. When you walk about the Palace halls, you can mount to a balustrade of east verandah, get acquainted with an exposition of archival materials, examine the basement of the Palace owners and see a mysterious silhouette of the sitting lady.  You can visit the memorial estate of noblemen Venevitovy. You are welcome to listen to the extraordinary concert of piano music.

Voronezh state nature reserve 

The excursion duration is 7 hours. The nature reserve is located close to the borderline between Voronezh district (Verkhnekhavsky area) and Lipetsk district (Usmasky area). It occupies a northern half of the large island pine forest Usmansky. The area of nature reserve is 31053 hectares. You can visit the Nature museum, zoological garden, beaver farms. The recreation by the river can be arranged.


The excursion duration is 9 hours. You can visit the Rozhdestvensko-Bogoroditsky monastery with its cultus relics of Saint Tikhon and 11 Zadonsk righteous men. You can also visit the existing monastery, nunnery and a sacred source.

Nature reserve «Galichia Gora»

The excursion duration is 8 hours. The nature reserve "Galichia Gora" is situated in the territory of Lipetsk area. Today the nature reserve is a large regional research nature protection institution. The excursion includes visiting the Nature museum, nursery of birds of prey, the ecological pathway and the recreation on the bank of the river Don. Reconstruction of falconry.


The pedestrian excursion to the memorial estate with a guide includes the tour of basic sights of Divnogorye: a mid-17th-century temple in the name of Sicilian Mother of God, the Mayatsky archeological complex. You will learn more about geological and natural features of this area. The excursion is interesting to visitors of different age and knowledge.

Welcome to Voronezh!

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